About NHC Group, Inc.

Technology has played a key role in job search and job advertising since the late 1990s. Before this time, anyone looking for a job scoured the Sunday paper for employment listings and mailed a paper resume to a prospective employer. With increasing access to the World Wide Web and the development of new technologies, we have seen a complete shift to digital sourcing and hiring.


In 1998, NHC Group, Inc. (the company) was founded on the idea of powering corporate job sites. As more corporations took their brands and identities to the Web, web sites became more than just static information. The company developed a proprietary job engine, the JobMark platform, that it could deploy for corporate clients wanting an easy way to manage their changing job listings on their own websites.

As the corporate job site business grew, other trends were taking shape with job search on the Web. Associations, publishers and industries were building their own niche information portals. The company was approached to redesign the job engine as a self service job posting system that could be integrated seamlessly into a niche portal. In 2000, the company contracted with its first Managed Job Site (JobMark MJS) client. The service included ecommerce, customer service, client reporting and resumes. Between 2000 and 2011, the company managed job sites for large associations, publishers, and niche career sites in clinical research, water quality and treatment, printing, metal fabrication, trucking, biotechnology, worldwide humanitarian outreach, library associations, scholastic societies and a variety of medical specialties.

In 2005, NHC Group, Inc. again expanded its business focus when one of its MJS clients approached the company with an offer to sell its website. The company acquired the SeniorJobBank.org a career portal for the over-50 community and is the company's first venture into content development other than third party job listings. It is now a primary focus for the company to solicit, develop and publish quality content for those in mid to late, encore and transitional career phases of their lives.

About Gene Burnard

Since acquiring the SeniorJobBank in 2005, Gene has become passionate about advocacy toward tearing down the barriers facing older workers in the workplace. He is equally passionate about creating National programs and services to assist the older job seeker. He is a past director of the Life Planning Network, presenter at the Positive Aging Conference and participant in the Civic Ventures Encore Summit. He continues to seek out new and creative ways to raise awareness about the underutilized, senior talent pool.

Gene is the President of NHC Group, Inc. and the Publisher of Seniorjobbank.org. Originally trained as an engineer, Gene is no stranger to system design and concepts. He worked on designing flight simulators for NASA's Apollo Program and then developed and marketed advanced processing technology for oil and gas exploration. Gene spent much of his corporate career in the marketing and sales of high tech systems and technology.

Gene has enjoyed raising three children, sky diving, flying sailplanes and riding his motorcycle. He has flown sailplanes competitively and, after earning his commercial glider rating, enjoyed sharing his love of soaring by giving commercial rides. His attentions have turned recently, though, to spending time with his new granddaughter Lauren.

About Doug Smith

Doug has been a Web designer and Cold Fusion programmer contributing to the development of the JobMark platform since the early days of the company. He has been instrumental in the rollout of new features and creatively meeting the unique system demands of our client base. Most recently he has been on board for website upgrades and transitioning to new operating platforms.

Doug has enjoyed raising two sons and being an involved father. He has coached youth soccer and encouraged his oldest son to learn to fly, proudly watching him solo at the age of 15. An accomplished sailplane pilot himself, Doug spends his spare time flying his Pegasus "Tango 4" around the Northeast.

Bailey Burnard

And we should not forget our Chief Security Officer (CSO) Bailey